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Eight great tracks from Glastonbury’s ‘Emerging Talent’ longlist, 2015

[Disclaimer: Glastonbury has yet to announce its finalists, and I stopped working for the Emerging Talent Competition in 2007. These are simply 8 tracks that I personally enjoyed on this year’s longlist – Wes] In its early years, the longlist for Glastonbury Festival’s ‘Emerging Talent Competition’ (originally ‘Glastonbury Unsigned’) was picked by myself and a small handful of other enthusiasts in a room at Splotts Moor. We listened to demos for days on end, sometimes the same ones over and over, struggling to distinguish in our own music-addled minds between a band that was a 7.1 (not in the longlist)…


  • What are your 5 top tracks of the moment? Let us know and contribute to our next Alternative top 40 - http://bit.ly/1cfbmqh #
  • Venue magazine and website closed today, staff farewell to management posted on Buzzfeed: http://t.co/3JI0YFPa5q #

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